Thursday, November 8, 2007

My China digs

Looking West out of my dorm room window on the fifth floor.

The Southwest view.

Looking towards the North. The local recycling center in the foreground and all of the ceramic factory stacks off in the distance.

Tony Clennell, my roommate inspiring me to keep blogging. He is struggling to make me a better communicator and I am trying to make him more tech savvy. We both have our work cut out for us.

My iron horse.
I fell in love with these antique bikes when I got here and immediately went out looking for one. While trying to buy mine the bike shop owners were having me lift up the bike and then lift up other cheaper bikes to show me the quality. There point was lost in the total lack of translation. Later I realized that they were trying to impress me with how heavy my bike was not how light it was. My bike ended up costing me 100 Yuan which is equal to about $13 US. The lunch room lady laughed at me and told me that I got ripped off. I should have paid only 50-60 Yuan. A friend of mine bought this style of bike brand new (much lighter) and he has had nothing but trouble with it. I ride my bike like it is a mountain bike. I wheelie my it, jump it off of curbs, and barrel down mountain dirt roads. The locals think that I am a total freak. To them bikes are for transportation. The only thing that has broken on my bike is the chain. Unfortunately, I was six miles up the canyon by myself just before dusk. No headlamp, extra clothes, or tools. Some things never seem to change.

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