Sunday, November 25, 2007

A trip to the decal factory

This is a common transport for ceramics in Jingdezhen. These pots have not been fired and are on their way to a kiln. I have seen this hundreds of times and it still blows me away.

At the decal factory you can have decals printed while you wait. Just outside the factory is an outdoor pool tent to help pass the time.

Around the corner is a street that has four types of businesses which include pottery tools, restaurants, salons (aka brothels), welding shops and kiln shelf stores. It is pretty strange mix of businesses. I inquired about prices at the kiln shelf store and found out that the shelves are really cheap! Most sizes and shapes are between $10.00 and $12.00 each. These shelves are pretty amazing as well, we have fired them in the wood kiln to cone 12 plus and have had no warping at all. I would love to put a bunch into a shipping container and send them home for everyone.

After waiting for the decals we thought about lunch at this restaurant and decided that maybe we should head back to our own neighborhood instead.

This is one of our local favorites. Mr. Noodle as he is known by all of us gringos. Here he is shaving noodles off of a chunk of dough and they fly straight into the boiling broth. After they are cooked in the broth they are stir fried to make the dish called daoxiao mian.
Hao Chi! (Good Eats!)

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